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2019 New Introductions 

Pescadero Paint
Rose Lights
The Grape Escape

CENTERLINE (Alleman 19) 433 (Amber Glow X Madeson seedling 92-246) J-111

This is a light salmon with a light-yellow throat that has a faint red line in the middle of the lip petals. We have grown this as a seedling for quite sometime and it grows nice straight spikes right down the row. It makes a beautiful basket glad.


                                                L $6.00            M $5.00          S $4.00


​ELI (Alleman 19) 396 E P-32

Named after a grandson, this glad is a tall growing plum smoky with salmon highlights mixed in. It has a nice cutting stem and will make a good cut flower. It makes nice bulbs and is a fast propagator.


                                                L $6.00            M $5.00           S $4.00

ENTICE (Alleman 19) 473 M (Impression X Magic Moment) N-58

A very nice ruffled glad with knuckling in the throat. It is a pink lavender with a light-yellow throat. It can make a very nice spike with 8 open florets in formal placement.


                                                L $6.00            M $5.00           $ $4.00



JIVE (Alleman 19) 211 E (Fire Frenzy X Sensation) N-28

A beautiful ruffled cream glad with a purple dart in the throat on most of the petals.

We have won 3 spike seedling champions with this one. We have seen some beautiful seedlings

from this glad using it as a pollen parent.


                                                L $5.00            M $4.00           S $3.00



JONATHAN (Alleman 19) 455 M (Shadow Dancer X Lori B) AJ-125

This is a sister seedling to Absolute and named after another grandson. This is a dark red glad with lighter red in the upper petals and a fine red line in the lower petals. Jonathan is a nice ruffled glad that holds a lot of florets open at once.


                                                L $6.00            M $5.00           S $4.00



PESCADERO PAINT (Alleman 19) 343 (Jilly X Norma J) L-32

For us this glad is a light pinkish cream with a big orange brown blotch in the lower petals.

It holds 8 florets open at once with 6 buds in color. It grows tall and makes a nice cut flower.


                                                L $6.00            M $5.00           S $4.00



ROSE LIGHTS (Bowen 19) 464 ML (Raspberry Swirl X Tropicana) RS-TPO-17

A bright rose glad with a fine silver line on the edge of all of the petals that should get attention. It has a nice flowerhead and grows formal.

                                                L $6.00            M $5.00           S $4.00


SPIKED (Alleman 19) 201 E (Brenda Jo X Sensation) N-111

This is a beautiful ruffled white with a dark raspberry dart in it lip petals. It grows straight and tall and done some winning.

                                                L $5.00            M $4.00           S $3.00


THE GRAPE ESCAPE (Powys-Lybbe 19) 479 [Lady Susan X (Astral Faye X Violka)]

A nice ruffled purple glad from Canada that has a darker purple blotch on the lip petal. It is healthy and grows nice and straight with lots of bulblets.

                                                L $6.00            M $5.00           S $4.00


WOW (Bowen 19) 423 ML (Drop of Honey X Jester) DOH-JS-2

We were impressed with this glad the very first time that we saw it bloom. It is a bright light orange with darker orange on the lip petal and a yellow blotch. This is a nice tall grower that holds plenty of florets open on a 30” flowerhead.


                                                L $6.00            M $5.00           S $4.00

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