2021 New Introductions 

Alpine Snow
Elegant Orchid
Prime Pink
Salmon Glory
Scarlet Lady

ALPINE SNOW (Alleman 21) 401 M (Lavender Dawn X Forever) P-24

A nice white with a cream throat that has some ruffing and the florets are needle pointed. It grows nice and straight and has nice cutting stems. Alpine Snow makes a nice cut flower for us.


L $5.00        M $4.00        S $3.00



CORDOBA (Alleman 21) 415 E (Tom Cat X Julius Berreth seedling 2894-2)

Cordoba is a tri-colored glad that is yellow, with white in the upper petals and a bright red splash on the lower petals and a little red on some of the upper petals. It has good ruffling and substance and is also needle pointed.  For us this glad blooms early and holds at least 8 florets open on a nice showy spike.


L $5.00        M $4.00        S $3.00


ELEGANT ORCHID (Hartline 21) 373 M (Show Stopper X seedling) 17-19

Elegant Orchid is a light lavender glad with white in the throat on the lip petal. This glad is very consistent right down the row and every spike can be cut. It holds 8 florets open at once and has nice slim cutting stems. This glad makes very nice bulbs


L $5.00        M $4.00        S $3.00


GRACEFUL (Alleman 21) 443 M [Composed X (seedling X Magic Moment)] L-121

We sent this one to John Pilbeam in England a couple of times because this is a glad that he really liked.  Graceful is a light pink with white lower petals and is very nicely ruffled, it fits the name very well. It holds at least 8 florets open at once and grows nice and straight. We have used this glad for hybridizing some and have some very promising seedlings for it.


L $5.00        M $4.00        S $3.00


KENDRA (Bowen 21) 463 EM (Pulchritude X Open) PK-TO-7

This glad is named after a niece of Ron Bowen who used to help him plant his glads, she passed away from brain cancer at the age of 20. Kendra is a tall bright rose lavender glad with a yellow lip petal that has a bright red blotch in it. It holds 8 to 9 florets open at once and has a nice slender cutting stem. It propagates very well and makes nice bulbs.

L $5.00        M $4.00        S $3.00


PRIME PINK (Hartline 21) 446 M (Boy O Boy X Unbelievable) 17-08

This is a nice ruffled dark pink glad that makes identical spikes down the row. It grows nice and straight and has good cutting stems with a nice flowerhead that holds 8 florets open at once.


L $5.00        M $4.00        S $3.00



SALMON GLORY (Bowen 21) 434 EM (Boy O Boy X Tampico) BOB-TPO-4

This is a beautiful self-colored salmon glad some ruffling and knuckling in the throat. Salmon Glory; grows nice and straight with nice straight stem. It propagates very well.


L $5.00        M $4.00        S $3.00




SCARLET LADY (Alleman 21) 437 M (Legacy X Patty Gay) Q-49

One of the brightest colors of glads that we grow. This is a bright scarlet red glad with a pure white throat and will hold 8 or more florets open on a nice formal head.


L $5.00        M $4.00        S $3.00