2020 New Introductions 

Ella Raye
Rose Sheen
Royal Storm

BLAST (Alleman 20) 258 E (Black Lash X Shadow Dancer) M-95

            Just barely a 200 size glad, Blast will hold 8 florets open at once. It is a tall growing dark red and has a nice cutting stem. It will show and is a tall growing cut flower with lots of bulblets.


                                                L $5.00 M $4.00            S $3.00



ELLA RAYE (Alleman 20) 225 E   M-83

            This is a good showy bright orange and yellow miniature glad that holds at least 8 florets open at once and usually in perfect placement.  It was the winner of the Ed Squires award this year at the Western International Show in Missoula. This is a great little show glad and was named after a granddaughter of ours.

                                                L $6.00             M $5.00            S $3.00


GEE (Alleman 20) 479 M (Chandelle Rose X Aaralyn) Q-2

            Gee is another granddaughters nick name. This is a beautiful purple with a white throat that can hold 9 florets open on a nice show flower. This glad also won the Ed Squires award a few years ago. It is a tall grower that has nice cutting stems.

                                                L $6.00             M $5.00            S $3.00

ROSE SHEEN (Bowen 20) 363 M (Raspberry Swirl X Tampico) RS-TOP-6

            Another seedling of Ron Bowen that is a bright colored glad that is pink and rose in the upper petals and a mixture of rose and white on the lower petals. It is a good cut flower and a nice straight grower that propagates fast.

                                                L $5.00             M $4.00            S $3.00

Royal Storm (Alleman 20) 478 E M-8

            A purple glad that is really purple with a very fine line or silver around all of the petals. It opens 7- 8 florets at once and makes a nice cut flower. It makes nice bulbs and has plenty of bulblets.


                                                L $5.00             M $4.00            S $3.00

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