2022 New Introductions 


CURTSY (Alleman 22) 443 EM (Lady Lucille X Patty Gay) N-11


Curtsy is a light ruffled pink with a pure white throat and a white line going through the middle of the lower petals. It sets seed quite easy and we have seen some good seedlings from it. For us it has long stems and a good flowerhead and makes a nice cut flower.


L. $6.00            M. 5.00             S. $3.00

Misty Salmon

MISTY SALMON (Hartline 22) 433 M (Flamenco Dancer X Timeless Treasure) 17-06


This is a light salmon on the outer tips, gold toward the throat with stripes of dark salmon radiating out on lip petal. A beautiful unusual colored glad and for us it has a little brown in. This is a very good cut flower.


L $6.00             M $5.00            S $3.00


POLYCHROMATIC (Hartline 22) 425 M (08-98 X Day Break) 16-56


A bright orange glad on the edges and blending to a salmon with a large yellow throat. It is nicely ruffled and holds 9 florets open at once. This glad has a good cutting stem and makes a nice cut flower.


L. $6.00            M $4.00            S $3.00


ROMANTIC (Alleman 22) 373 M (Composed X Courtney) R-54


Romantic is a light lavender glad with a creamy yellow throat. It is a nice ruffled glad with needlepointed florets. This is a good cut flower with good cutting stems.


L. $6.00            M. $5.00           S. $3.00

Rose Sketch

ROSE SKETCH (Alleman 22) 365 EM (Centerpiece X Patty Gay) R-88


An unusual medium rose glad with light yellow in the upper petals and on the lower petals where there is a dark red dart on the three lower petals. This is a good 300 size cut flower with good narrow cutting stems.


L. $6.00            M. $5.00           S. $3.00


VOLTAGE Alleman 22) 401 EM (Daydreamer X Mountain Melody) N-94


Voltage is a ruffled white glad that has a big rosy red blotch on the lower petals and some on the upper petals. It is a good propagator and we use it for a cut flower.


L. $6.00            M. $5.00           S. $3.00