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2023 New Introductions 

Evening Moonlight


EVENING MOONLIGHT (Alleman 23) 411 M (Chandelle Rose X Legacy) S-308


A nicely ruffled cream glad with yellow lip petals. It holds at least 8 florets open in the field and has a nice cutting stem.


L $6.00     M $4.00     S $3.00

My Ways

MY WAYS (Alleman 23) 343 EM (Composed X Legacy) R-165


This is a beautiful light pink with a pure white throat. It can make a nice show spike or a very good three spike. My Ways is a nice cut flower even from smaller bulbs.


L $6.00     M $4.00     S $3.00

Spanish Sketch

SPANISH SKETCH (Alleman 23) 333 M (Composed X Aaralyn) T-139


Spanish Sketch has light salmon upper petals and the lower petals are a medium salmon. The lip petal is salmon yellow around the edges and medium salmon blotch in. This is a beautiful cut flower with nice cutting stems.


L $6.00     M $4.00     S $3.00


STARTLE (Alleman 23) 335 LM (Choirs X Caribbean Salsa) Q-5


One of the brightest glads that we grow, it is medium salmon on the tips of the petals and the upper petal. The lower petals have a yellow edge around with bright red blotch on the lower petals with some red going to the upper petals.

L 6.00     M $4.00     S $3.00


Treasure (Alleman 23) 435 M (Composed X Legacy) S-231


This is a nice ruffled salmon with a cream throat. Treasure is a nice cut flower with good stems and makes a very nice show glad.

L $6.00     M $4.00     S $3.00

2023 New Miniatures 

Moonlight Caress

MOONLIGHT CARESS (Alleman 23) 213 E (L-33 Summer Love X 98-184) X Shenanigans) R-160


A cute little light yellow with darker bright yellow lip petals. It will hold 8 florets open on a nice flower head.


L $6.00     M $5.00     S $3.00

Twilight Kisses

TWILIGHT KISSES (Alleman 23) 263 E (Lexi Lou X R-20 (Lexi Lou X Dream Ruffles) V-6


This was a first bloom seedling when we moved to Shoshone, it is a cute little light lavender that has creamy yellow lip petals with dark rose darts in. It can hold 9 florets open at once and is a very good propagator.


L $6.00     M $5.00     S $3.00

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