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Bernice Cream

BERNICE CREAM (Alleman 12) 211 E


This is a cream sport of Bernice with the same ruffling and has a faint lavender throat.  We have had reports that it does better for some growers than Bernice. It will hold its own on the show table and make a good cut flower. 

L $ 2.00       M $1.50      S $1.00


Bernice Red

BERNICE RED (Alleman 13) 201 E (Sport of Bernice)


We found this sport of Bernice the same year that Bernice Cream showed up. It is the same ruffled white like Bernice only with a red blotch instead of a rose blotch. Growth and health are the same as Bernice.

L $2.00           M $1.50          S $1.00


Blue Bird

BLUE BIRD (Baerman 68) 287 E


A miniature deep blue with a pure white throat. Even though this glad has been around for quite some time, it still grows good and has plenty of bulblets. It is still one of the best blues.


M $1.50          S $1.00

BRENDA JO (Alleman 98) 247 M (Amy Beth X Gigi)


This glad is named for our daughter Brenda. It is a rich deep pink with a large white throat. It will hold at least 8 heavily ruffled florets open. This is one of the best glads that we grow and will make good show spikes down the row.


L $2.00            M $1.50          S $1.00


CAROLINA (Alleman 10) 268 VE (Fire Frenzy X Black Cherry) J-17


This is a beautiful ruffled dark rose that is a very early bloomer. It will hold 7 or 8 florets open at once of 22 buds. This is one of the first to bloom for us every year and it is a very healthy glad which makes a nice cut flower.


L $2.00            M $1.50          S $.1.00 

DASHING (Alleman 06) 213 E (Summer Love X Fire Frenzy)

This is a yellow glad with a bright cherry-red lip blotch. The upper petals are salmon. It will hold 7 florets open.


L $2.00     M $1.50     S $1.00

Dream Ruffles

DREAM RUFFLES (Alleman 18) 210 E (Brenda Jo X Cream De Mint) (L-84)


For us this is a 200 cream miniature glad with very good ruffling and substance. The ruffling is just like Mikayla, but it grows taller and is earlier for us. You might have to take both varieties in the house but there is a difference.


L $2.50            M $2.00          S $1.50

Ella Raye

ELLA RAYE (Alleman 20) 225 E M-83


This is a good showy bright orange and yellow miniature glad that holds at least 8 florets open at once and usually in perfect placement. It was the winner of the Ed Squires award this year at the Western International Show in Missoula. This is a great little show glad and was named after a granddaughter of ours.


L $3.00     M $2.50     S $2.00

ICE FIRE (Madeson 98) 201 M (Muriel X Artistry)


A very healthy ruffled white with uniform red markings on all of the petals. Will hold 8 of 18 florets open at once. This ruffled beauty is for decorative use and will produce three spikes per bulb.


L $2.00            M $1.50          S$1.00


JO (Alleman 10) 263 M (Brenda Jo X Fire Frenzy) J-154


This little glad has made a name for itself already. It is a medium to light rose with a nice cutting stem. Jo will hold 8 or 9 florets open at once on a nice spike of 28 to 31 buds. It has won several seedling champs and won the seedling trials in Great Brittan in 2009. Don't miss out on this one it’s one of our best ever.


L $2.00            M $1.50          S $1.00

Lexi Lou

LEXI LOU (Alleman 12) 243 E N-77 (J Denise X Breda Jo)


This glad is a light pink with a creamy white throat. Named for our Aadopted granddaughter. With parents like this has it is no wonder that it is such a good glad. Holds 8 open and makes a good show flower and cut flower. It is a great little glad and was one of the best in 2013. They bloom very consistent right down the row.


L $2.00            M $1.50          S $1.00 


MIKAYLA (Alleman 15) 202 M (Everafter X Impression) N-67


This has been one of our favorites since we saw it as a first bloom seedling. This light green glad has it all, heavy substance, ruffling, beauty and holds plenty of florets open at once. It should make a good show glad as it has won seedling championships.


L $2.00            M $1.50          S $1.00

Raspberry Kisses

RASPBERRY KISSES (Alleman 17) EM 211(Brenda Jo X Sensation) M-62


For us this is a ruffled cream glad with a light-yellow throat and raspberry blotches on the lower petals. It easily holds 8 or more florets open at once and has a nice flowerhead.


L $2.00            M $1.500        S $1.00


RHYTHM (Madeson 01) 279 E (Little Violet X (Violetta X Muriel)


This is a nice addition to the purple class. It is a dark purple with a large white throat and all spikes bloom alike. It has nice cutting stems and a good head that will hold 8 florets open at once on a nice stretchy flower head of 24 buds, it makes a great show or cut flower.


L $2.00            M $1.50          S $1.00


SENSATION (Madison 01) 279 M (Rajah X Fire Frenzy)


This is a gorgeous two-tone purple with darker purple lower petals and a reverse lavender blotch on the upper petals. It has beautiful ruffling and excellent substance; it brings a whole new color to the purple class. It makes a nice stretchy spike holding 10 of 24 buds open at once.


L $2.00            M $1.50          S $ 1.00


SHADOWS (Alleman 11) 295 E (Brenda Jo X Fire Frenzy)


A nicely ruffled two-tone salmon-brown with reddish-brown lip petals. The upper petal is a light brown. Holds 7 florets open with 5 in color. 


L $2.00            M $1.50          S $1.00


SPIKED (Alleman 19) 201 E (Brenda Jo X Sensation) N-111


This is a beautiful ruffled white with a dark raspberry dart in it lip petals. It grows straight and tall and done some winning.


L $3.00     M $2.00     S $1.50

Summer Love

SUMMER LOVE (Alleman 99) 235 E (Shiloh X open)


This glad is a ruffled medium salmon pink with a light-yellow throat. It holds 8 florets open and can show with the best of the miniatures. It is a good parent and is one of the first to bloom.


L $2.00            M $1.50          S $ 1.00

The Snow Maiden

THE SNOW MAIDEN 200 (Russian variety)


This glad is a very nicely heavy ruffled pure white and has a very nice flower head. It will hold 8 florets open at once and makes a very good show glad.


L $3.00     M $2.00     S $1.00

Twilight Ruffles

TWILIGHT RUFFLES (Alleman 18) 279 E (Brenda Jo X Sensation) L-75


A beautiful ruffled little glad that is purple on the lower petals with a fine white line in the middle of and light lavender in the upper petals.


L $2.00            M $1.50          S $1.00

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